You've got questions? We have answers!

What are you doing about COVID?  

We adhere to California State protocols and we do currently perform in-person foam parties.  We do wear a mask when in close proximity to others and while moving back and forth when loading and unloading.  The inflatables balls and toys we bring are new and must be inflated by the host/guests and yours to keep afterwards.

How far in advance should I book?

We are busy and sometimes have parties booked a month or so in advance, however, we do have some weekends that may be much busier than others so feel free to contact me if you have an event coming up as soon as this weekend.  Our weekdays are usually more flexible.

What’s a foam cannon?  

We use a newer technology foam cannon, which unlike most foam companies that dump foam, our cannon can shoot foam in designated spots up to 25-30 feet away allowing uniformity in the foam play area.   Foam can stack up over 6 feet but we try to keep it as high as children’s shoulders for safety purposes.

Is the foam safe?

You bet, we use top-of-the-line soap which is biodegradable, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, scent-free and non-staining.  

How much space do you need?

We can perform our foam parties in small areas such as driveways and most backyards.  We can also handle larger areas and can cover foam up to 30’x30′ max.  

Do you have to shoot foam on grass?

Nope, even though grass is great for foam parties, pavement or other hard surfaces work well.  We do not recommend dirt since dirt will turn into mud and make a mess.  If we do shoot foam on grass, it doesn’t add wear and tear except for a bit with kids running around on it.

What requirements are needed?

We do require a standard water hose connection with running water and an electrical connection within 100 feet of where we will be.

Can we have a foam party at a park?  

We currently cannot unless the park has a water and power connection within 100 feet.  Sometimes parks require permission to have foam parties due to insurance requirements.  We do carry insurance for those purposes.  

What must our guests wear to play in the foam?

Your guests will get wet but not as wet as if they jumped in a pool.  We would recommend a swimsuit and even though the foam is hypo-allergenic, googles or something similar may help if your child is very sensitive to soap.  

We are a venue that requires that you have insurance, do you?  

Yes, we do have an insurance policy with an option to add the venue as additional insured.

What is the UV Glow Foam and how does that work?  

We add a safe UV-additive to or already safe foam and use a few UV lights to highlight the glow foam.  This is used for parties at night and must be seen to be believed.  There is an additional $100 charge for this service.

How far do you travel to an event and are there travel charges?

We are based out of the University City/UTC area of San Diego and do not charge a mileage fee for anywhere in San Diego county.  We do charge mileage for anywhere outside of San Diego county.  

I see you also perform magic shows, what’s that all about?

Yes, Foam Diego is owned by Total Kids Entertainment and most foam parties are done by Dynamite Dave, who happens to be San Diego’s favorite family magician.  You can add a magic variety show to your foam party for just an additional $200 for a one hour show and the show features a magic show and your choice of a bubble show, balloon twisting, interactive games & more.  Check out for more details on the show.

How does payment work?

We accept either cash or Venmo at the party or you may pay with your credit/debit card using the link on the invoice that we email you once you reserve your event.  Sorry but we do not accept personal checks but we do accept company checks for company events.